[Author Interview] Joshua McCune (Author of Talker 25, Invisible Monsters)

About the author:
joshua mccune
Joshua McCune was born on a Navy base in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He grew up in London and Washington, D.C., went to college in Texas, and got married in New Zealand. He worked as a telemarketer, an SAT instructor, and a robotics engineer before becoming an author. He currently lives in San Antonio, Texas, with his wife and two dogs, writing stories of people and places just beyond the reach of planes, trains, and automobiles (but not dragons).
                          talker 25 invisible monsters

1. What/Who inspired you to write?

I grew up reading lots of fantasy. Terry Brooks (THE SWORD OF SHANNARA series) and David Eddings were two of my favorite authors. I wanted to be a farmboy picked from obscurity to save the world.

2. What is the title of your favorite book?

DUNCTON WOOD by William Horwood. This is a book about moles, believe it or not… an epic, epic book about moles! Okay, so moles may be a metaphor (which I didn’t really get until I was older). I first read this book when I was twelve and then again twenty years later, and unlike many things I’ve read or watched, it’s stood the test of time. If anything, I like it even more now because I better understand all the subtle nuances.

3. Do you eat when writing? If so, what do you eat?

I eat to take breaks around writing. And what I eat is pretty bland because I’m fairly big into exercising as an escape from mental overload. I tend to eat oatmeal with protein powder and peanut butter (yum!)

4. What is your least favorite thing to do?

I love this question! Right now, my least favorite thing has to be changing diapers because I’ve got a new daughter, and you never quite know if she’s out of ammo when you start changing her.

5. When you are not writing, what do you do?

Lots of reading, of course. Nowadays, that’s lots of picture books to baby girl. Lol. I workout a lot, sometimes to get away from all the noise, sometimes as a creative outlet. 

6. Why did you want to write about dragons?

Growing up on epic fantasy, I was always fascinated with dragons. Hard not to be, right? But I’d never seen much in the way of dragons in this world, other than shapeshifters trying to blend in. I wanted to create a new type of dragon story… something a little less fantasy, a little more gritty (okay, a lot more gritty. TALKER 25 is a war story more than anything).

7. After you finish writing the trilogy, will you still write? If so, what is to expect on your next series/trilogy/standalone?

I’ve got a couple of things floating around my brain. One is a time-travel genre-bender of a novel that’s different from any time travel novel I’ve ever encountered because it employs the concept of the multiverse… i.e., it relies more heavily on science (without actually getting bogged down in science). E.C. Myers FAIR COIN explores this concept to some degree, but my book’s set in the future on a post-apocalyptic space station. The other story I’m looking at is a spy/CIA type thriller, something grittier than what’s been done in the YA realm before.

8. Give your best ‘one’ word to describe your debut novel, Talker 25.

Love this one, too! One word: Brutal.

9. Can you give an advice to the aspiring writers out there?

There’s that old saw about writing what you know… which is always easier… you’re gonna know what you’re talking about and not come across looking foolish. However, if I were to give one piece of advice, it’s write what you love. Don’t worry about trends, don’t worry about what other people are writing, don’t worry about whether your friends think it’s weird… write what you love. It will carry you to THE END faster and better than anything else.

Okay. I haven’t read his books yet, but I’m planning to soon! To be honest, talking to him was one of the best things ever. And his answers are really good. Don’t you agree? I’m hoping to interview more authors soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. I’m asking too much questions, but how do you get the chance to have a Q&A with author/s? Really curious because I really wanna do it too. Thanks 🙂


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