A Non-Blogger’s First Thought on a Blog

I started blogging on the last week of May. And right now, blogging has been a part of my life besides taking photographs of my books. On free time, I blog, I watch, I play, and obviously, I read. But sometimes, I am completely baffled on what I should do.

Blogging is my escape from reality. Sadly to say, it had been a great escape. I met awesome people who are incredibly nice to me. Basically, that’s it! Meeting awesome people is a gift that is something you should be grateful for. And I am truly grateful.this is the best

To blog was something I wished I could do way back since the day I started seeing blogs. I know how to blog, but I just don’t know if I can manage it. But right now, I think I am kicking asses. Am I though?

Thank you guys for reading this and I hope you enjoyed reading what I thought about blogs before I started this. I hope you guys have a great day!

Special mention to awesome bloggers:
Dianne from @oopsireadabookagain
Hazel from @staybookish
Shelumiel from @bookishandawesome
Miguel from @thequirkyreader


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