Anti-Reading Slump

Since last month, I have been struggling with a reading slump. I always get carried away with TV shows. And SCHOOL! School is a big hindrance from my reading time. I can’t even read a single book. But I read one book last month which is Ruin and Rising and I definitely loved it even though I struggled a bit.

So today, I have been trying to read and read to escape from the ‘reading slump’ prison. Believe it or not, I have been there for months. It’s really frustrating, and the fact that I readΒ fifteen books last May. FIFTEEN! I never read fifteen books in my life. So that was a big achievement.

Every day, I am telling myself to read. But the other side of me is telling that I should not. Well, I always end up using my phone checking social media and take pictures of my books. But those are not the way I get out from reading slump.

And just recently, I finally got out of my slump.

fck yes

What I do to get out of it is to read a light contemporary book. Reading a short book always encourages me to read because I always tell myself, ‘this book is short’, and ‘you can do this’. I only read a big, intimidating book after my reading slump is gone and (hopefully) will never come back again.

Reading slumps are the worst, am I right? How do you get out of your reading slump? And what hinders you from reading? Comment below!


10 thoughts on “Anti-Reading Slump

  1. When I’m in a reading slump I always force myself to read. Maybe this isn’t the best way but it helps. I always think “Come on this is a good book! Why aren’t you reading it!” Of when it’s a bad book “Just read a lot and finish it so you can start a better book!” Therefor I rarely have a real reading slump. The longest reading slump for me was like two weeks or something.


  2. I am someone who gets slumpy pretty often. I just know at this point that I am going to have good months, and I am going to have some pretty bad months. I make sure I read so so much while I’m on a “high”. That way when I have other things going on and such I can still stay on track with my goals. I also make sure I am setting realistic goals for myself so I don’t feel too much pressure to be reading. Reading isn’t fun if it is forced. Watching BookTube videos and reading blogs always helps me get excited about books again. Slumps are okay!


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