[Stacking the Shelves] July ARC Haul!

I’ve succeeded. Finally! I didn’t buy a single book this freaking month! All books I’ve gotten this month are ARCs from the publishers. *secretly jumps up and down*

Ten ARCs! *dances joyfully*

july arc haul

Okay, the first book I’ve got is my most anticipated releases this month which is …

1. Stand-Off by Andrew Smith

stand off

ALL HAIL ANDREW SMITH! I have no words for this series. It is SO good. Buy this book when it comes out. It’s way different from Winger, but it’s so good in a complete different way.

2. Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff


This is also one of my anticipated releases this month, and I couldn’t believe I received this book! I love this book and the illustrations in it. Such a perfect book and cover. Do not forget to buy this beautiful gigantic book!

3. Hello, Goodbye and, Everything in Between by Jennifer E. Smith

hello, goodbye, and everything in between

Jennifer E. Smith went to the Philippines last year and she was a really nice person. I am so excited to read this, because seriously, why not?

4. Chasing Forgiveness by Neal Shusterman

chasing forgiveness

I honestly have no idea what this is about, but I kept hearing good things about Neal Shusterman and his novels… so consider this as a book I’ll read. And I heard that this book was re-published for some reasons.

5. MiNRS by Kevin Sylvester


I received this book from Simon & Schuster and I read the premise of this book which is interesting and intriguing. I want to read more books in this genre!

6. Paper Hearts by Meg Wiviott

paper hearts

The cover of this book is really intriguing. But that’s not the only interesting thing about this book… Everything is in poetry form here. Never have I ever read a book in this writing before. I want to read this book now! I’ll probably read it after reading the books in my TBR pile. And I also received this book from Simon & Schuster.

7. The War Against the Assholes by Sam Munson

the war against the assholes

I am completely clueless about this book’s synopsis. But let’s be real, the title of this book is too catchy. Also received this book from Simon & Schuster.

8. After Hours by Claire Kennedy

after hours

I received this book from Simon & Schuster for review. And I have seen this book from book bloggers, and I’m really excited to read this book!

9. Stranded by Melinda Braun


This is the last book that I’ve received from Simon & Schuster. And books like this I want and need to read with no particular reason. I hope this book won’t let me down.

10. Woman with a Secret by Sophie Hannah
woman with a secret

The last ARC I received is this and it’s a mystery book. I don’t really delve in this kind of genre, but I badly want to try and read books like this and books by Agatha Christie.

That’s a wrap!

I hope you enjoyed my book haul this month and this long short post. Have a great day, bookworms!


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