Tips on How to Interview an Author

I have been asked by someone to post on how to interview an author because he/she has seen a lot of my posts having an interview with an author, and she is very much interested to know. This is probably too random for you all. I don’t know if it’s going to be helpful.

There is really nothing to know about… You just have to be friendly to an author. Authors don’t want people who bite, am I right? They are friendly, and they are nice people. Feel free to approach them. They like to accommodate their fans, and especially the people who are most interested to read their books.

I should be giving tips # 1 to 1,000,000, am I exaggerating? But, I just want to elaborate that we should send them a message in any means possible. And ask nicely. Not all people are frequently replied by the authors– they may be sleep-deprived, or sick, or just simply asleep. So don’t barrage them with messages that could annoy them. Savvy?

Okay, here it is…

TIP # 1Find the perfect medium on sending your message.
You should know where the particular author you want to interview is very active. If it is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, message them there. But don’t send them messages on every social media possible. You are most likely to be replied when the author is active in that certain social media.


TIP # 2Be nice. 
When you have finally found the perfect way to message the author, be nice. Use the appropriate words when sending a message to an author. They will probably reply to messages that capture their eye. Make it count and make it clean.

good friend

TIP # 3Ask the appropriate questions for the interview.
Find the perfect time before asking the questions. They probably do not have enough time to answer your questions so narrow down your questions into a few numbers. Since they are authors and they write to please their readers, they are probably busy writing. When they finally agrees to be interviewed for your blog (maybe), then that’s the time you ask your questions.


TIP # 4Be thankful.
Not all people have been granted by the authors to be interviewed. If you have interviewed a particular author, be thankful. Thank him or her. Thank them for giving some of their time to answer the questions you’ve given.

thanks 2

I hope that helped you interview an author. This isn’t really that informative and detailed but at least, I hope it helped even a bit, maybe?

Thank you all for reading this post, have a good day/night!


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