[Top Ten Tuesday] Authors I Love

It’s been a long time since I did this Top Ten Tuesday feature, and I have finally decided to do it again. Hooray for me! Yes, clap your hands, and rejoice on my comeback.

Today, I’m going to show you my top 10 authors, not my all-time favorite authors, but my top ten, be it their books or their kindness.

happy dance 2

1. Andrew Smith

andrew smith

Andrew Smith exemplifies the good people in the world! He has a kind soul and heart. He replied to my messages before and he is really nice despite that I’m a total stranger. He also holds my all-time favorite book entitled Winger. Yeah, you guys should read that. It’s amazing! (Also, Stand-Off, Winger’s sequel, is sooooo good!)

2. Becky Albertalli

View More: http://thedecisivemoment.pass.us/becky-headshots

Yeah, it’s pretty obvious. One, Becky has a book called Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda which I REALLY loved. So let’s leave it at that. Not to mention that she replies to people. Well, that’s the second. Need I say more?

3.  Marie Lu

marie lu

Do I really need to explain? Marie Lu writes good books and never fails to please her readers. Legend is my all-time favorite dystopian novel. The Young Elites is good as well. I met her last November and she’s funny! Totes!

4. Joshua McCune

joshua mccune

You probably don’t know him. But he’s been a good friend of mine and he’s really nice (He is also scary because of his physical structure, kidding! Haha). He writes a book called Talker 25 which is about dragons and they are my thing so… You just have to go to any book stores, online or not, and buy his books now, okay?

5. Michelle Hodkin

michelle hodkin

I met Hodkin last January and she was a total sweetheart and darling. She is so friendly and she is just nice. That’s it! Also, she writes good books. So don’t forget to read Mara Dyer.

6. Robyn Schneider

robyn schneider

Robyn is an author you’ll wish to write more contemporary novels. The Beginning of Everything is one of my favorite contemporary. And you don’t want to miss out in everything she writes. You just have to read them. Just.

7. Alex London

alex londonThis dude writes one of the best dystopian books that I’ve ever read. P.S. The first book broke my heart. I met him a year ago and he was just too nice and I’m just completely speechless. I couldn’t even say a word to him. Yeah, I’m too introvert-sy. I suck, okay? 😦

8. Melissa Kantor

melissa kantor

Okay, I haven’t even read any of her books before. Sorry! But I saw her last month along with Robyn Schneider and Katie Cotugno. And you know, she’s just so nice even though I admitted that I haven’t even read her books. She’s like, “It’s okay, I hope you enjoy them.” Oh, I definitely will.

9. Sarah J. Maas

sarah j maas

Don’t judge me for this… but, I only read one book by her and it’s A Court of Thorns and Roses. I admit, I so, very, totally loved it! And I’m soooo excited to read Throne of Glass which will probably be soon. Can’t read it yet. I have some priorities. But rest assured that it’s one of my anticipated reads.

10. L.J. Devet

lj devet

He is an Australian author who you surely don’t know, but he’s really a close friend of mine. And he sent me his book called Altor: The Shadow Rebellion which I really loved because of its world he built and the characters who I absolutely love.

Thank you guys for reading this (boring?) article. I hope you enjoyed it even though it’s not really that interesting. Anyway, have a good day everyone!


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