[Review] A Work in Progress by Connor Franta

a work in progress

Title: A Work in Progress
Author: Connor Franta
Publication: April 21st 2015 by Atria/Keywords Press
Genre: Memoir, Biography, Non Fiction
Pages: 212
Format: Paperback

In this intimate memoir of life beyond the camera, Connor Franta shares the lessons he has learned on his journey from small-town boy to Internet sensation so far.

Here, Connor offers a look at his Midwestern upbringing as one of four children in the home and one of five in the classroom; his struggles with identity, body image, and sexuality in his teen years; and his decision to finally pursue his creative and artistic passions in his early twenties, setting up his thrilling career as a YouTube personality, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and tastemaker.

Exploring his past with insight and humor, his present with humility, and his future with hope, Connor reveals his private struggles while providing heartfelt words of wisdom for young adults. His words will resonate with anyone coming of age in the digital era, but at the core is a timeless message for people of all ages: don’t be afraid to be yourself and to go after what you truly want.

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My thoughts:

This book is just purely fantastic. Every word written in here is like magic. I was moved reading this book, Connor Franta really is an inspiration to all of us. I didn’t expect to like a memoir, but this was out-of-this-world amazing! I have been watching him since maybe last year, I know I’m late but his videos are absolutely the bomb.

His life is truly inspirational and I was encouraged as he said a lot of things about motivation. Reading this memoir was the best thing ever. This book does not only contain uplifting words, but it also contains fascinating pictures.

Photography has been a part of his life since his father also likes to take pictures when he was young. I have been admiring him since I started following his Instagram account because every picture he takes is captured so well. Reading this book explains why he takes specific pictures, and his reason is just rich with meaning.

It’s that family and home are the bedrock of everything we’ve gone on to do. It’s our base camp. Our refuge. Our only place in the world where we feel completely safe and wholeheartedly ourselves.

What I like about him is that he cares. He cares for the impoverished, having a project called The Thirst Project to help provide clean drinking water in Africa, and guess what, he raised at least $230,000, and this project makes him awesome.

In this book, he teaches you how to stand up for yourself even though a lot of people judge you for what you are doing. In the end, they will be envious of what you are doing, and they will appreciate everything you do. When you aspire to do something, then do it. Bullies aside, they are just a mere phase to go and continue what you have always dreamed to be.

Since his childhood, he was the type of person who wants everyone to like him, but he soon realized that it was nonsense unless you really have a special someone whom you can tell your secrets to.

I would rather have 1 amazing best friend than 100 decent regular friends. it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.

Lastly, he included in this book about his sexuality. He has been questioning himself for years. Disliking every girl he has been with, he has no idea why. In the end, he tried to end his misery once and for all by telling his close ones about it and he made an unscripted YouTube video about it. He expected bashing of arising haters, but he got a lot of supports. That is what made him this person today. Doubtlessly, an inspiration.

Despite anything you say, Connor Franta will always be an inspiration to me. Be it making videos, taking pictures or simply being himself. I learned countless things through reading this book. I hope I can read more books about his life; I just think that this memoir is just the gist of it, and I want more of his exceptional words. I just crave for more, thanks for all the inspiration you have shared to us, Connor.

That’s what labels do– they provide a launch pad for judgment. However people view you, there will be times when you will be judged, often harshly and wrongly. And it will be based on what you do, wear, or like and the friends you hang around with. If you’re highly intelligent, you’ll be an “overachiever.” If you’re incredibly kind, you’ll be “a goody-goody.” If you’re a little shy and quiet, you’ll be “boring” or “awkward.” But trust me, the judgment says more about the labeler than the labeled.

About the author:

connor franta

Connor Franta is an Internet sensation and global trendsetter with millions of followers on YouTube and many other social media platforms. He is the founder of Common Culture Coffee and works closely with The Thirst Project, a charity that provides clean drinking water in Africa, for which he raised more than $230,000 in thirty days. He also curates music from up-and-coming bands for his Common Culture compilation albums. This is his first book.


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