[Stacking the Shelves] October Book (HAUL?)

I do this feature monthly, and unfortunately, there are really nothing to see here except one book– a book that I’ve been meaning to buy for centuries. I swore to myself that I’m not going to buy anything this month except it. I’m going to throw a party for keeping my own promises.

One book. I feel accomplished. That book is none other than…

The Rose Society by Marie Lu

the rose society

It is the only book I’ve bought and I’m flipping excited to read this sequel to The Young Elites. The first book was dark and fantastic, and I can’t wait for more eerie darkness from Marie Lu’s writing. I snagged the last signed copy from a local book store. Now I’ve got all my Marie Lu’s books signed! I met her last November, and meeting her was the best thing ever. I really can’t wait!

october haul

But wait, it’s not only the book I’ve got. I didn’t expect a book mail to come. I got

See Me
by Nicholas Sparks

see me

I haven’t read anything by Nicholas Sparks and I hope this one disappoints because I’m really looking forward to reading his romance novels soon. I am so intrigued to read his books because it seems that everyone is raving about it.

I told you! This post is not supposed to be really long like what I did for my “September Book Haul”. Well, thanks for reading this really short post. Have an awesome day!


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