[Top Ten Tuesday] Best Friendly Authors

Before, I have done this feature on the authors I love, so this is like the second part of it or should I say the updated part of it. I have met a lot of authors which are finally topping off the authors I put on that post before.

To cut it short, these authors are the best. They are also super friendly!

  1. Andrew Smith (Author of Winger)
  2. Brooks Benjamin (Author of My Seventh-Grade Life in Tights)
  3. Becky Albertalli (Author of Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda)
  4. Jeff Zentner (Author of The Serpent King)
  5. Joshua McCune (Author of Talker 25)
  6. Jay Kristoff (Co-author of Illuminae)
  7. Randy Ribay (Author of An Infinite Number of Parallel Universes)
  8. David Arnold (Author of Mosquitoland)
  9. L.J. Devet (Author of Altor: The Shadow Rebellion)
  10. Sarah J. Maas (Author of Throne of Glass)

Now I’m going to talk about them one by one.

Andrew Smith is amazing. He is an amazing author. Please note that he’s very active on social media and I have chatted with him before and he’s incredibly nice.

Brooks Benjamin is awkward. I have never read his book yet, but his friendliness is inevitable. His book will come out on April 12.

Becky Albertalli is sweet. Sweet, I mean like Oreos. I have seen what she has been doing to her fans, sending them stuffs. She’s also responsive to me on social media which I’m really thankful for.

Jeff Zentner is cool. He’s always got his nice shades on. He’s also amazing because he sent me an e-ARC of his book. Also, somehow, we have some commonalities.

Joshua McCune is torturous. I have read his book, and it was pure torture. I love it, and he’s such a nice author who has spoken to me a lot of times. (PS. He’s very muscular and would definitely kick my ass if I didn’t say good things about him. Kidding!)

Jay Kristoff is tall. I need to exaggerate a bit– humongous! He even looks like Dave Grohl. If you haven’t read Illuminae, you should check that out because it’s amazing.

Randy Ribay is sneaky. I just recently learned that he’s a ninja. He’s also a gamer like me (what a coincidence). He’s super duper nice, and he agreed to answer my questions for my interview before. Check out his book here.

David Arnold is adventurous. Without a doubt. Reading his book made me think that he’s one because of the road trips and fun, and writing it would be impossible if he doesn’t like it. Correct me if I’m wrong. He’s also friendly on social media.

L.J. Devet is mysterious. Mysterious, why? Because I know you all haven’t heard of him, but he’s an Australian author who I am friends with and has been with me for a long time. So, not mysterious anymore, huh?

Sarah J. Maas is awesome. She writes amazing books and she is also very nice on social media even though I have never communicated with her ever. She’s the only one on this list that I haven’t talked to, but she’s super friendly I say to you.

This is weird because most authors on my list are males. I merely conclude that male authors are the best? Or am I being too sexist? Well, Becky is amazing, so she got on this list (also because of Oreos).

good friend

I hope you have fun reading this weird post. Have a good day!


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