Keeping Up

It’s hard to keep up nowadays. Lots of distractions are surrounding me and I am often enamored by these. I am not saying that these distractions are evil because first of, it is school, and Christmas break is almost a-coming. I am so excited to read and read or get distracted again by video games. I do not celebrate Christmas, but it’s okay, I can always keep up by drafting posts in the long run.

For now, although I have read a lot of books (if you haven’t noticed, I’m reading a lot lately), I will stop reviewing books that are finished copies and will focus more on the books that were sent to me by publishers and authors. There are so many times that I want to read, but I can’t review them because my memory would not be fresh anymore,.

Due to my lack of inspiration, I will do my best to draft some posts that I was tagged with, and finally, do some reviews if possible. I can’t wait for the Christmas break. I do hope that I will get a lot of gifts even though I don’t celebrate it. *fingers crossed*


2 thoughts on “Keeping Up

  1. I find it difficult to dive into books I requested on NetGalley and received at times. I go crazy “shopping” and then feel overwhelmed when I have the responsibility of reading and reviewing them! Good luck with your ARCs this holiday season, though! I look forward to reading your reviews of them!


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