How to Bookstagram 101 (Part 2)

What everyone has been waiting for… the second part of this blog post. Fortunately, a lot of people have found inspiration to my previous How to Bookstagram 101 (Part 1) post. If you haven’t read the part 1, you can just read it later– it doesn’t have to be read particularly in order. Now, here I’m going to show you more tips  and advice from successful Bookstagrammers who take breathtaking photos. I just copied their answer because I want you all to know how they give their advice and how they’re full of passion.

Like before, I asked them for advice to share with you all and I also asked what made them stay or kept them going on the Bookstagram community. Now, enjoy!


Abeer from @lookingforabura said,

Okay so… Tips? Advice? Hmmm I’m not really the best person to give pieces of advice but I’ll try to give some tips on how to survive Bookstagram:

  • You need books! Because why are you even starting a “Bookstagram” without books? I am not saying that you NEED TO BUY THEM, NO. You don’t have to. Use your libraries!!! Borrow books and take a photo. That way, you won’t be spending much but you also have photos to put in your account! It’s a win-win situation.
  • You need a theme. Not necessarily complete white background or all outdoor photos, but you need to keep a certain theme to make it easier for you to keep up. Make it something that will define who you are…
  • If you want to gain friends and followers, learn to interact with others. Comment on their photos, not just “like”. Talk to them, ask them questions. I didn’t wake up one day with thousands of followers, I did my job. I made friends with people who have the same passion as me, and now I can say that I’ve made friends from all over the world.
  • Keep posting! At least post once a day. It’s nice to let people know you are active and not just a ghost follower.

What kept me going?

My passion for reading, my love for books and my new found friends on the Internet. Some people say “it’s just Instagram” but no this IS where I can be my nerdy self, it’s a space where I can talk to real people who have the same passion as mine… Bookstagram is a lifestyle.

Hikari from @foldedpagesdistillery said,

I think my biggest advice to new Bookstagrammers is this: Use the library! Bookstagram is not about owning a lot of books. 99% of the time I only buy a book after I have read it and know I love it enough to put on my shelf. Your personal book shelf doesn’t have to be packed to participate.

For more tips from her, you can check this out:

Rebecca from @bookvibes said,

I guess a tip/advice would be when Bookstagramming is to just be yourself. You don’t have to be reading/buying what everyone is at the moment. The point is to post what you love and to have fun with it most of all.

Another thing I would is to tell people to post what you love. You can go all out or be simple as long as you love what you’re doing. Not for anyone else, you don’t have to have a theme or set filter as I know it can be hard to stick to, but I personally like to change up my filters once in a while, and change the background of my photos periodically. You should never feel that you’re obligated to post something just because you haven’t been on in a few days. A break is good periodically.

Candy from @thebookishgirl said,

My tip: While you’re thinking how to take a good bookish pic, don’t forget to talk to people and connect with other Bookstagrammers.

The thing that keeps me going is the loving environment of the Bookstagram community.

Andie from @_halfbl00dprincess said,

For starters, try to remember that this isn’t a job, it’s all just for fun. So if you can’t post for a few days here and there, don’t stress, we all know real life takes first priority. Interact with your followers, comment on other people’s posts, and be personable. Friendships tend to happen naturally on Bookstagram and for me, that’s what this community is all about. Captions can be hard sometimes and you might now always have something to say, but captions are sometimes the most important part of your post. It’s the lead way to fun and sometimes deep conversation. As for photo taking, experiment with different lighting and backgrounds. Things take time but everyone finds their groove eventually. And lastly, just be yourself and have fun!

Mara from @bookmarauder said,

Be yourself!

Post what you want to see on your account.

Be genuine, be nice and have lots of fun.

I know that sounds super vague but it’s really what it comes down to for me.

Alison from @crimeofrhyme said,

My advice would be to post what makes you happy, put your heart into your photos and be proud of your originality! Many people tend to ask a lot of questions about filters and editing apps and stuff, but I think it’s better to focus on the composition of the photo and how your books represents what you love to read.

Talia from @fictionnotfriends said,

Okay, what I would say is make your profile individual. You want people to remember you, and you don’t want to be like every other account. Give yourself a quirk. Maybe you like music, maybe movies. Something different.

Allissa from @abookishloveaffair said,

My biggest advice would be to just post what you love. Yes, getting followers is always fun, but loving your content and enjoying taking the photos and posting them is what matters.

Be willing to mix things up. Try things. I get so many messages and comments about lighting, what app I use, what camera I use, how did I take this or that photo. I feel like a lot of people aren’t really sure what kind of photos they want, so they often try to emulate others’ photos. Which is fine. But wouldn’t it more fun to just try a bunch of different things and see how they turn out? I feel like individuality is the key on here.

Also, interacting with your followers/other Bookstagrammers is one of the best parts of Bookstagram. It’s a community of amazing like-minded people and we’re all just here to celebrate our love of books.

Alison from @littlebookwormig said,

  1. Post what you like. If you choose a book because you think it will impress followers but you really hated it, that will show through in your photo. If you don’t read or enjoy classics, don’t post them. If you’re not a fan of contemporary, choose something else. If you post a book/series that you LOVE, it will show in the final post!
  2. Don’t worry about follower/’like’ count. The followers will come and the likes will go up, even though it might take time. Just keep doing what you’re doing, update regularly and make sure to interact with your followers. Which leads me onto #3.
  3. When people have taken the time to like your photo, read your caption and leave a comment about what you’ve said, ANSWER THEM! I know that sometimes, when you see 40 comments under your photo, it can seem daunting to respond to them all but you’re doing all this to share a slice of your life/reading habits with your followers and they have responded to that and shown an interest in their accounts in return, not only will they keep following but they’ll actually recommend your account to others! I love to interact with followers and I’ve made several good friends on Bookstagram this way.
  4. I like to mix things up. I use the same filter on most of my photos which gives a kind of uniformity but, every so often, I’ll throw in a different lighting effect completely! Same with backgrounds. Most I use a white background (which is either a white sheet – very technical, I know – or, if I can be bothered that day, a photographic light box which can be picked up quite cheaply on eBay), however, some days I’ll use a black background if I think it will make a certain book ‘pop’ more. Don’t be tied completely to a strict theme. It’s very hard to stay motivated that way, in my opinion. You will have your own style which will shine through in your feed, no matter whether you’ve changed your theme/lighting/background. Be yourself!
  5. Lastly… ENJOY! Bookstagram isn’t a chore, it’s a fun community where you get to show off your precious books! If you aren’t enjoying it, you won’t be motivated to keep posting so make sure and keep things fun!

I hope everyone had a lot of fun reading this long post and gained some helpful insights and advice from amazing Bookstagrammers. If you did, comment what you want next below. Thank you everyone!

Special thanks to Abeer, Hikari, Rebecca, Candy, Andie, Mara, Alison, Talia and (another) Alison.

thanks 1

Here are the links to their Bookstagram accounts, make sure to follow them:
Abeer @lookingforabura:
Hikari @foldedpagesdistillery:
Rebecca @bookvibes:
Candy @thebookishgirl:
Andie @_halfbl00dprincess:
Mara @bookmarauder:
Alison @crimeofrhyme:
Talia @fictionnotfriends:
Allissa @abookishloveaffair:
Alison @littlebookwormig:


19 thoughts on “How to Bookstagram 101 (Part 2)

      1. No way I love your account! That’s how I found your blog! I thought it was great that you asked others to give their advice/tips and it doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything to contribute, it just means that you admire them. It was a good idea to bring different opinions all together. I wish I had read this when I first started in September because I had no idea what I was doing! Awesome job! You could always do a post with your personal advice!


  1. I’m going to be honest with you and tell you that I started following your blog after I read the first part of this post. I didn’t have the time to comment when I first read it so I’m going to share all my thoughts here. I am so blessed to have found your post and your blog. I’ve always wanted a bookstagram mostly because I’m a big fan of photography but not very good at taking photos of objects and I always wanted to practice on books. But I only have 20 books on my shelves and the country I live in doesn’t have many libraries and if it does, it doesn’t include the books I read. I hope someday I will be able to implement all the amazing advice you have here and create a great bookstagram life for myself. Thanks so much for sharing this!


    1. Hi Sara! Thank you so much for opening up. And thank you for reading my blog posts. I hope you do create a Bookstagram account, and hopefully more books to come for you this Christmas. Don’t worry about those 20 books, it will increase and you can still experiment using those 20 books anyway. And if you do create an account, please have fun and enjoy! 🙂

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  2. I’ve been in the bookstagram community for almost two years now but I have never been consistent or put in as much effort as I would like. One of my goals for 2016 is to greatly improve that portion of my online bookish presence.


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