2015 Recap (Reading + Blogging + Bookstagram)

Since I started my Bookstagram before starting my blog, I am going to add it in this blog post. I am really proud of myself for reaching milestones I have never imagined achieving. Through reading, I managed to read 62 books out of the 50 books I’ve put for my Goodreads reading challenge. *self-pat on the back*

Reading books:

Like I’ve said, I read 62 books *self-pat again* with a total of 22,856 pages. The shortest book I’ve read is Stupid is Forever, a humorous book with 132 pages, written by a local senator named Miriam Defensor Santiago. The longest book I’ve read which I’m really, really proud of because every time I look at this book, I think, how did I ever finish this book? *the self-pat comes back again*. That book is Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas with 648 pages (wow).

My average rating for this year is 4.1.

5 stars – 18 books
4 stars – 33 books
3 stars – 8 books
2 stars – 2 books
1 star – 1 book

If you want to know what that one-starred book is… It’s Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver. Sorry, it was just plain garbage.


Since, I just started blogging on the last week of May, I’m proud that I’m still active until now. *the self-pat will never leave*. For half a year, I gained 355 followers which isn’t bad at all, and earned 6,352 page views.

My most liked and viewed post for this year is How to Bookstagram 101 (Part 1) with 857 page views and 47 likes. *multi-self-pat*.

I never expected to earn a lot of followers for my blog, thank you so much to everyone who followed me and kept on reading/liking/commenting on my post. I deeply appreciate it.


This year, I think I gained over 10,000 followers which is a gigantic milestone for me. Not only that, I gained more friends which I’m truly grateful for. Bookstagram will never be a community without them.

bookwormaniac 2015.jpg

Thank you for reading my 2015 recap. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. Have a great day everyone, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

END 3.jpg



25 thoughts on “2015 Recap (Reading + Blogging + Bookstagram)

  1. (How was I supposed to go to sleep when I saw this? ;))
    Congratulations on all your achievements and milestones! Seriously, was there anything you didn’t do? Surpassed Goodreads reading goal, reached 355 WP followers, 10,000 Instagram followers. Tick!
    Queen of Shadows was my longest book too and my god, was it worth it! It was amazing!
    Well done again! *goes to sleep now*


  2. Hey Justine! Hope you still remember me, friend hehe. I just want to say congratulations to you and your blog! Like you, I felt the triumph and joy of making it through the year with my blog (though not this year for me haha). Your bookstagram is undoubtedly one of the best out there (teach me your ways plz). I’m glad to have crossed paths with you this year and I hope to meet you someday (and the rest of the BAE crew aha). Happy New Year! 😀


  3. Congrats on having a great year and hope you have a great year ahead!
    P.S. Your Instagram is fabulous. It’s so beautiful! *drools after seeing the books*


  4. How do you get 300 followers in just over 6 months!? :O Haha well done – I love your instagram and blog! Congrats on such a successful year 🙂


  5. Happy new year and congratulations for everything! I love your bookstagram acc and you definitely deserve all those followers! And the ones in your blog too, it’s amazing that just in a year or few month you did this great! 😀 Best luck for 2016!


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