Books I Badly Want to Buy This January

First things first, there are tons of new releases that are coming this year. I’m pretty much excited, definitely STOKED, to acquire those majestic pieces of literature. I may have lessened spending money on books, so book buying ban is a complete success.

I may have never read any book by these authors, but I don’t care at all. These books are getting the hypes, and I just badly want to spend my money impulsively to buy these books.

  1. Truthwitch by Susan Dennard


Of course, how can we let this book pass up. This has been one of my anticipated releases for this year by the time that I saw ARCs from different people (e.g. Bookstagrammers and Booktubers). I love Sarah J. Maas and this has been blurbed by Sarah J. Maas, so color me excited.




2.Β Passenger by Alexandra Bracken


Likewise, this has been blurbed by Maas! Also, I have her The Darkest Minds trilogy even though I haven’t finished reading the series. I’m still excited for this novel because from what I’ve been hearing, this will definitely be for me.





3. The Love that Split the World by Emily Henry

the love that split the world

Honestly, I didn’t have an idea about this book before. After seeing several people who have read ARCs and loved it so much, I’m now very curious. I think this would be a book with a heartbreaking ending. I don’t like those, nevertheless I still want to buy this one.




4. Sword and Verse by Kathy MacMillan

sword and verse

I cannot let a month pass by without me reading a fantasy book. For this year, hopefully. Shame on me last year then. I really had no knowledge about this book until I saw bloggers requested for ARCs of these. Considering it has a lot of bad reviews, I still can’t let those ruin my TBR.




5. This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp

this is where it ends

Okay, I’m really going to be completely honest, the cover sold me. I don’t know anything about this book except that it’s contemporary, and the boy has a gun (?). I really love the cover of this book; I’m a book cover judge. Don’t judge me.




Other novels that I may pick up this month or soon:

What books do you plan to buy this month? Comment below, let’s discuss and chat about those.




70 thoughts on “Books I Badly Want to Buy This January

  1. I really, really want to read the Passanger as well. Along with that The Love that Split the World is pretty high on my tbr. I do have the eARC of The Year We Fell Apart amd I’m pretty exited to start it! πŸ™‚


  2. I bought Truthwitch with an Audible ‘credit’, and The Love That Split The World on Wordery (pre-order). So I’m trying to be crafty with my book money this year too. I really want to read AB’s new book, Passenger, but that will have to wait until next month or a library visit. The reviews of it are so good, you’re right!


    1. You’re so making me jealous right now. I went to the book store yesterday but I saw no new releases, so not great. But on the bright side, I bought 7 books. Lol! I will still buy those books when I get the chance (if I still have money, hopefully).


      1. Oh, sorry! I know that feeling – so many books and none that make you bounce on your toes. I hope that the ones you did find turn out to be hidden gems!


  3. I pre-ordered Truthwitch and I’m dying to get Passenger ;A; also the cover of This is where it looks on point, I believe it matches the story perfectly.


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