Shadowhunters TV Series + Random Thoughts

I couldn’t let days pass by without me sharing my thoughts about the first two episodes of Shadowhunters. Of course, almost everyone of you know about The Mortal Instruments, right? If you do not, you can check it out here. I wasn’t a big fan of the first book, so I never tried reading the series again. A lot of people insisted that I should read the series again because it will become more interesting as I read. However, I’m still undecided.

Enough about the books, the TV show is the one we need to discuss about. If you haven’t known, the book series was first a movie, but it failed financially, so they tried doing it a TV show at the very least. I was a big fan of the casts of the movie rather than the TV show, but I’m still impressed on how the first 2 episodes turned out.


Actually, I just want Lily Collins. I never liked the other casts of the movie. The other characters are totally better than the movie’s casts. I like Jace, Alec, Izzy and Simon more in the TV series rather than the movie. We may not have the same opinions. You decide.


It was a really wise decision that the series became a TV show, because Cassandra Clare writes a lot about the Shadowhunter world and the details will be more in-depth with a proper TV show. A movie will just ruin a good long book series, unless it’s a really good adaptation.

So for the first two episodes, it was okay. I wasn’t blown away or anything, but Jace’s acting was really lacking. He doesn’t look like a strong person, and his acting just really lacks determination. As for Clary Fray, it was just fine. Sometimes, she’s irritating, but it’s totally fine. As for Alec and Izzy, the siblings, they’re perfect. I love how they both fit perfect to their characters’ role.

I really adore the world in the show. It’s quite different with the movie, but I really like this one more. The movie was darker than the show, and that’s one of the things I liked about it. Thus, the show isn’t really much of a disappointment. I can’t wait for the next episode and what the series has in store for us.

How about you? What did you think of the first two episodes. Comment below, let’s talk about it.




24 thoughts on “Shadowhunters TV Series + Random Thoughts

  1. Personally, I didn’t like Clary much in the books as well, so I’m not expecting much from the TV series. In a perfectly ordered universe, Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower would be in the TV series and the rest of the cast as it is now. I’m digging Izzy and Alec, still waiting for Jace to act like the self-loving person he is and sitting on edge for Alec and Magnus to meet. The TV show did one thing that 6 books and a movie couldn’t-made me like Jocelyn Fray and that’s something. Plus, Isaiah is just perfect.


    1. I couldn’t agree more, Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell being in the tv series, she acted better and made a really good Clary. The Clary currently acting on the show is terrible, I think she can’t act for nuts, her expresions are just terible, agreed Clary in the books is an annoying character, but this woman really can’t act. For me in some scenes its like shes either “over acting” or “under acting”.

      And hoping that this Jace doesnt disappoint us!
      Always loved my shadowhunter boys; Will, James, Jace and even Julian (though we have not read much on him yet)


      1. Right? I can’t wait for lady midnight! I had to make myself read the shadowhunter academy series slow so I won’t miss the world too much.

        I don’t have much strong feelings against Kat yet; hoping that she would act better later. Personally, when Kat was chosen for the role and throughout all the promos, i felt she was too bubbly for the role. Didn’t feel like she could pull off Clary.

        Izzy and Alec are perfect though.

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      2. Me too! I should give all credits to my best friend and the other face of Peace of Mind, for introducing me to the shadowhunter world, I kind of get excited when i meet people across the internet and specially Indians sharing the same views. 🙂

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      3. I love meeting people online too! We’re friends by choice and not just because we’re in the same place or anything. Hardly any of my friends read, and not the books I read too.

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  2. HI, Im a new blogger in town and new on wordpress as well. I have been going through different blogs and reading posts & Im really enjoying this. I should say Im glad I stumbled upon your blog (really hoping for a follow back and show us some love), its just something, the language and tone that I enjoy.

    Coming to the point, I myself had planned on writing my next blog post on the Shadowhunters, and alot of our views are similar, and some clash. I love the TMI book series, and the movie was okay-ish, though I really loved Lily Collins in it the best.
    The Clary in Shadowhunters is really annoying, I mean, seriously I don’t think she is doing a good job with regards to her acting. Jace, yes I agree, he seems like some one with potential but his a little rigid. Im hoping with the upcoming episodes it will get better.


  3. I thought the same things about the cast. I really loved Lily Collins as Clary but everyone else in the movies casting was pretty ordinary but I liked everyone in the TV casting. I like Kat McNamara but I like Lily Collins better.


  4. I loved LILY COLLINS as Clary she did so well to bring the character to life, but I was also loving Robert Sheehan as Simon he was dork, cute, but underneath it all he did have the confidence and bravery to not run.
    I find Katherine (Clary) very irritating and she does not make me believe she is Clary. I also think that Dominic (Jace) was seriously laking confidence.

    I like the story like so far but the acting kills me. I also hate how they are making Isabelle a sex symbol she was never that over sexualized in the books.

    I also do Shadowhunters television show reviews
    Let me know what you think!!!


  5. I don’t want to hate the tv show but as of the 3rd episode, I’m still not digging it. I like the movie more than the show, though the movie sucked so bad. The dialogues for Shadowhunters is way awkward, there were parts where I was just-“Did he/she really say that?” I still have hope for this show. Hoping that it’ll get better as the season went by.


  6. I personally think Cassandra Clare’s prequel trilogy, “The Infernal Devices”, is MUCH better than “The Mortal Instruments”.

    So I wasn’t excited about the TMI being turned into a series. I’m still not, now that I think about it. I haven’t been too impressed with the episodes no matter how the actors of the show are more suited for the roles compared to the actors in the movie. I only went to see the movie because Godfrey Gao was playing Magnus.


    1. I didn’t really like the script that was used in the TV show but I did like the latest episode because in some way, it’s getting better so I’m not losing hope. I haven’t read the series yet, but City of Bones was super boring. Thus I didn’t continue reading.


      1. I’ve read through the first book and only a fourth of the second book but I did have friends who finished it all and weren’t too impressed with how the series ended. You, dodged a bullet there.
        I am continuing to watch the series because I’m a huge fan of Harry Shum Jr. and waiting to see his take on Magnus.


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