The Best Feeling About Being a Blogger and a Bookstagrammer

I’m so glad that I started this blog because it completely changed my life.  I gained friends and a lot of things I could ever ask for. By being a blogger, I’m able to write using my own and since I aspire to be a writer soon, why not try blogging, right? I can let out my feelings once in a while.

However, my blogging life doesn’t just end there. I love how everyone appreciated my presence here. I really earned a lot of appreciation, and I’m truly grateful to everyone. Even authors and publicists notice my blog since I started my Bookstagram (Instagram) first.

this is the best

This post wasn’t meant to be a really long one, but I just want to say this one out loud. The best feeling, really, is that I’m able to receive review copies from various authors and publishers, and I’m really overwhelmed with those. I, for once, feel guilty when I can’t read or review the books before a book’s publication date. Since these days, a lot of people are sending me books, subscription boxes and book merchandises because of my growing blog and Bookstagram.

Without these two, I’ll probably cannot fathom without me being able to take photos and write blog posts about random stuff that I want to voice out. Photography and writing are both of my favorite hobbies, and this is the other best feeling about being a blogger and a Bookstagrammer.

What’s your best feeling as a blogger? Comment below and let’s talk about it.



19 thoughts on “The Best Feeling About Being a Blogger and a Bookstagrammer

  1. I think the best part for me has been me being able to be in contact with authors all over the world and slowly figure them out as the great people they are. I have “met” a lot of authors who are so so different from each pother in terms of what they normally do as their day job and what they do in their spare time, to get to know their personal quirks and sense of humor. It’s fantastic. And it always pleases me when I see someone grabbing for a book that I have reviewed 🙂


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