Weekends Are For Reading Books

Lately, I haven’t been able to read books because of school. Too many assignments bombarded from here to there. I badly want to read, but sadly, I couldn’t. Assignments shouldn’t be given over the weekends. I just want to bask myself in a book basically doing some random positions. Nowadays, I can’t do those. Here I am wishing for the summer to come quickly as I want to finish my TBR list which will never end, by the way.

There are so many books I want to read on weekends, but my plans are slowly being deteriorated by my teachers. To help me, I have my favorite bands to soothe and calm me down. At least, I am hearing my favorite voices when I do my assignments. Definitely worth it! Still, I just wish that they ban assignments being given over the weekends. It’s just too unfair!

My statements against weekend assignments:

  1. I need some time to relax. I wake up every day early in the morning, and I’m so exhausted. I’m not at college yet, but I know it’s worse.
  2. There’s too much information in my head because of the blabbering of my teachers’ discussions that I can’t read without thinking of those.
  3. Instead of reading or sleeping, I stay up late just to do those. It’s unhealthy.
  4. I can’t do some family agenda on Sunday because I have to do these.
  5. And finally, do you know how many books I haven’t read on my shelves? I told you; my TBR will never end.

What are your thoughts about this? Comment below and let’s talk about it.




29 thoughts on “Weekends Are For Reading Books

  1. I think time crunch is one of the main issues for every reader. We want to spend more time behind our beloved books yet life just gets in the way 😀
    I recently had to close my review request section for a couple of months because work is hectic (on top of full time work I have late night meetings due to the clients being in a different timezone) and at the weekends I need to take care of my home and husband.
    But having said that- everyone I know in the book blogging at the moment seems to have a serious shortage of time- I’m sure the busy schedules will fall into a routine soon and we’ll all be able to fit books into our agendas again 🙂 Good luck with school, and don’t forget to take some much needed time out 🙂


    1. Ahh, that’s terrible. I hope you can review books again. Book blogging definitely takes some of our time, but it’s worth it. But studies take most of my time, and I hate it. I hope you can finally have a time to read despite the busy schedule. Maybe a break? Good luck! And thank you! 🙂

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  2. Time is our biggest enemy. School does make it rough to get reading for fun in but any spare moment is enough to just pick up a book. I’ve never been great at time management myself so good luck with it all.


  3. This rings so true, as I spend so much time doing homework and assignments and struggle to find time to read… My TBR gets longer and the work never seems to stop! *sighs* Summer will be here soon though thankfully, and then there will be a lot more time to read. 🙂


  4. I think I actually read more in the weekdays, since I always spend time before I sleep to read, no matter how late I stay up. Meanwhile on weekends, I’m probably doing a sleepover or staying up late hanging outside the house, or traveling to another city and have no time to read!

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  5. Right now I’m on Holidays until March when my classes start. But I know what you mean, for me last October and November were crazy because I have all those important tests plus a really important project which I had to work on a lot! I just opened a white page and wrote for that project and reading wasn’t that much in the plans. It’s difficult. I use reading as a way out of everything, and just to forget about stress and I hate when I can’t do that. I just tell myself that it’ll be over sometime and that I will be able to read soon. Sometimes, I read just a few pages but I’m happy with that.
    Hope you get over this! 🙂


  6. YES! Weekends are TOTALLY for reading. HOMEWORK SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED ON WEEKENDS. But, alas, it is… And especially in college/uni, it’s like the workload ever ends. 😦 But at least we have Fridays off, so three-day weekends, ahoy! 😀

    Awesome post!


  7. UGH! I completely understand. I am a junior in HS and sometimes homework is COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE! I will do 12 hours of homework in one weekend and then I will have to go to school the next day. When will we ever get a break? Also to the TBR thing, it’s ridiculous. I’m on a book buying ban right now because I have WAY too many books that I need to read, and even more books that I want to read, and it is a little overwhelming. Thanks for the great post! 🙂


  8. OMG I completely agree. I sometimes feel like I have NO time to myself because I’m always doing assignments, or essays or extra reading for classes. And it’s the same for all my classes. It’s like each teacher thinks theirs is the only class I’m taking.

    And it’s not like when you work you have to do all this extra. Nope, you work monday to friday 9 to 5 and that’s it. It’s so unfair.

    I guess it makes us good at time management though. Or something! LOL


    1. That is too unfair! I feel the same way to everything. I just wish there’s an allotted time teachers give for reading purposes only. Let’s hope for an impossible dream, lol. Time managements pros. Good luck to you! 🙂


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