January in Recap

Okay, honestly, January has passed by so quickly. It’s already February, and I’m already trembling, excited for summer break. Just a few months left, I’m so freaking stoked. I will finally have my reading time! So last month has been good to me. My blog also has earned a lot of followers and views which I’m so proud of.

Even though I have been bombarded with loads of assignments, I’m glad that the month is done, and hopefully all my hard work paid off. We hate assignments, right? Does everyone agree with me here? Yes? So without further ado, here’s my recap:

OnΒ my blog:

  • 5,023 page views

Seriously, how did this happen?

  • 2,055 visitors

This one too?


An impossible dream.


I love the blogosphere!

  • 417 WP followers

Okay, this one is the least believable thing in this post, but still a fact. I didn’t expect to earn a lot of followers in a month. Crazy!

On my reading:

I read 3 books which is a disappointingly small number, but I will definitely catch up on the summer break.

What can I say? I must say that this has been a great start of my year. January has definitely been good to me.Β What are your achievements last month? Comment below and let’s talk about it.



18 thoughts on “January in Recap

  1. Congratulations on all the followers, views and likes Justine! And don’t worry about reading only 3 books. I only read one but I can be excused I think because I had college exams and had to focus on studying. Hopefully we’ll both do better this month!


      1. Thank you! I’m sure you’ll able to work something out! We can never say no to reading awesome books, right?


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