Celebrating 900 Followers

I am appalled and FLABBERGASTED! I never thought that I would reach 900 followers, and I want to thank everyone of you. As can be seen, I do not post much anymore because of school and my lack of inspiration maybe. Summer is fast approaching, and the works the school give gets bigger and bigger by the minute.

I am so busy that I can’t even read nor finish a book, and there are a lot of review copies that I need to fondle (kidding). But seriously, I badly need to finish all these stuff. I want summer to come now for me.

School aside, thank you again for following me. I’m also happy with the fact that I’m very very close to reaching 1000 followers and it’s just a few steps to reaching that. Keep being awesome!



38 thoughts on “Celebrating 900 Followers

      1. Haha yeah I know you’re not lazy, I understand how busy school can get and suddenly there’s no time for anything anymore, especially the things you really want to do (like read). I’m struggling with the same thing with work.

        Keep strong and keep going. You have plenty support šŸ™‚


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