[Book Tag] The Book Pastry Tag

I was tagged by Carrianne from Cuppa in Critiques. Thank you so much! I actually did this tag on purpose because I’m running out of ideas and the best thing to have something to post is to do a tag. Well, at least for me.

Croissant: Name a popular book or series that everyone (including you) loves.

The Legend trilogy is legit pure awesomeness. It’s my all-time favorite series, and I’m glad everyone loves this series too. It deserves all the hype and attention!

Macaron: Name a book that was hard to get through but worth it at the end.

glass sword

Okay, to be honest, I didn’t really much like Glass Sword  because it’s a slow-paced book. I can’t even bear reading this one because it was really hard to get through, but the ending was so good!

Vol-au-vent: Name a book that you thought would be amazing but fell flat.

vanishing girls.jpg

Lauren Oliver’s books, including Vanishing Girls, are what I look forward to because of the hype, especially the Delirium trilogy. However, after reading Panic and Vanishing Girls, I have fully decided that I will never read anything written by Lauren Oliver again.

Pain au chocolat: Name a book that you thought would be one thing but turned out to be something else.

rebel belle.jpg

I thought Rebel Belle was going to be a contemporary book and the character would be a kickass or something, but I didn’t know it involved magic. And it was really cool!

Profiterole: Name a book or series that doesn’t get enough attention.

It’s time to tell you again that Winger and Stand-Off are both great which I mean is PURE-AWESOME-AND-AMAZING  Aside from the Legend trilogy, this duology which I didn’t know that will have a third book, so it’s a trilogy now (?). I can’t wait for that. You should read this funny and heartbreaking book!

Croquembouche: Name a book or series that’s extremely complex.

I’ll go with the Grisha trilogy with this one. Grisha-verse is a world filled with complexities. Even I couldn’t catch up on some parts, and this made me hate the series, kind-of.

Napoleon: Name a movie or TV show based off a book that you liked better than the book itself.

catching fire.jpg

I must admit that Catching Fire is a movie that I enjoyed more than the Hunger Games. The movie is definitely better than the book because it seems like the movie has a more heart-pumping feel to it.

Empanada: Name a book that was bittersweet.


Okay, Winger is bittersweet. That’s it. I don’t want to spoil anything.

Kolompeh: Name a book or series that takes place somewhere other than your home country.

Seriously, anything. I live in the Philippines and I haven’t read a book that’s set here. So, any book that you can think of is a Kolompeh. (lol)

Pate a Choux: Name one food from a book or series that you would like to try.

harry potter and the sorcerer's stone.jpg

The Harry Potter series is filled with not only magic but also tons of amazing food, and this is also one of the reasons why I want to live in Hogwarts. ‘Nuff said.

I tag these awesome people:
Liam from @ Liam’s Library
Joey from @ Thoughts and Afterthoughts
Jasmine from @ Jasmine Pearl Reads
Josiah from @ The Bookish Fanboy
Aldii from @ Perfection in Books
Nthato from @ A-scribe to Describe

And of course, I tag you!

What’s your favorite pastry? Comment below and let’s talk about it.




23 thoughts on “[Book Tag] The Book Pastry Tag

  1. WAIT, THERE’S GOING TO BE A THIRD WINGER BOOK?? AAHHH. I absolutely adore those books. And I agree, they don’t get enough love! They’re fairly popular in the YA community but they deserve to be even more mainstream than that. Such important, powerful books. ❤


  2. Thank you for tagging me! I want to read Winger! Hopefully I’ll do that soon! And the Legend trilogy! It’s part of my Dystopia challenge for this year so I plan to read it! 😀


      1. I don’t know, I just tried once like a few pages but I just meh at that time, maybe I wasn’t in the mood so that’s why I’ll try it seriously this time and maybe all the hype scared me a bit 🙂


      2. Winger may be “meh” on some of the first few pages, but it is powerful, and that’s what I like about it. Funny and heartbreaking. Some people may find it not good, but for me, it is really good. I hope you find it amazing too like I did. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. One book I think doesn’t get enough attention is Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits by David Wong. It’s funny, it has depth, there’s an interesting story, and even though it takes place in a future that’s over-the-top, it’s still totally believable because you can imagine the world heading down that path so long as our technology evolves while our global economic system and capitalist and consumerist values constantly reassert themselves.


    1. I haven’t read that book nor have I heard of it. I don’t think that I read those kinds of books, but I’ll definitely try soon. I’ve been meaning to widen my horizon as a YA-genre lover. Thanks for recommending! 🙂


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  5. Yay, I’m glad Legend is “legit, pure awesomeness” because it’s coming up soon in my TBR (and I recently got to meet Marie Lu!).

    Now I’m really intrigued to read Rebel Belle. . .


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