It was just my birthday yesterday (March 11), but it’s probably still March 11 in some places. Here, it’s already March 12. I am not going to write a long post because I figured no one would read it. So I came here just to say thank you to everyone of you who followed me and kept liking/commenting my post, you’ve made my birthday and not just that, but every day a very great day! Thank you all!

I also got a lot of cakes on my birthday. Yes!

happy birthday

What do you like to receive on your birthday? Comment below and let’s talk about it.




51 thoughts on “Birthday?!

  1. Oh, belated, but still Happy Birthday! And hooray for cake!
    I don’t really mind or care if I get anything for my birthday, I just don’t like when people spend too much money on pompous gifts. I like simple gifts from the heart, like just writing Happy Birthday on a paper and signing it. Those are the gifts I treasure the most.


  2. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    On my birthday, my bf’s family makes dinner + dessert of my choice, which usually involves taking home a pecan pie or two ;). That said, my favorite is the annual all-you-can-eat sushi dinner tradition I have with my brother… which we can’t have on my birthday because the bf’s mom demands her bday dinner be on my bday. (Uhh, yes.. I revolve around food 🙂 )


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