A Very, Very Precious Package

Just a few days ago, I acquired an amazing package that I have been waiting for my whole life. Well, not literally, but it’s okay to exaggerate a bit because I’m eagerly, impatiently waiting for this package to come when it got shipped, and since UPS provides tracking location on where the package is going, I’ve been eyeing and staring at my phone and computer to check on it once in a while.

So earlier, when it was its day of arrival, I was pumped to check it out. I was heading home from school, and I suddenly received an e-mail saying that the package has been received. Although, there were some misconceptions about me thinking that the mailman delivered the parcel at the wrong address because the e-mail stated another address which is totally not mine. Luckily, it was the parcel I’ve been waiting for. I NEED A LOT OF EXCLAMATION POINTS ON THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn’t wait to open it up and see what’s inside. Of course I already know what’s inside. By the way, I haven’t told you yet what’s inside. It’s a timepiece from a very famous, renowned watch company– Daniel Wellington. Well, if you don’t know, I won’t blame you, but the watches they offer are completely amazing.


Since you visited this very blog post of mine, I shall offer you a discount code so that you can buy their breath-taking watches in a more affordable price. Here it is:

Get someone you love a special gift in danielwellington.com until 15/5/2016
by using the code “BOOKWORMANIAC15
” to get 15% off of all products on.

Also, they offer free worldwide shipping, so they got you covered. You can check out their website and social media below if you want to see some amazing pictures where people wore their timepieces.


Check them out here:

Website: www.danielwellington.com
Instagram: instagram.com/danielwellington
Facebook: facebook.com/danielwellingtonofficial

Do you consider buying their watches? Comment below and let’s talk about it.




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