[Review] Chewy Noh and the March of Death (Chewy Noh, #3) by Tim Learn

chewy noh and the march of death

Title: Chewy Noh and the March of Death
Author: Tim Learn
Publication: January 29th 2016
Genre: Fantasy, Middle Grade
Pages: 311
Format: Paperback

Chewy Noh should be happy. He has a best friend like no other and by using his secret abilities, has found a way to connect Korea and America forever to keep him.

Unfortunately, none of this matters after Death’s messenger comes to tell him that he has one week left to live!

Knowing his death is coming soon, Chewy scrambles to figure out a way to avoid it, but every direction he turns seems to lead him further and further away from his goal—a dead body, a missing person, and at the heart of it, the secret that started that it all.

In the end, if Chewy doesn’t learn how to change, Death might just come out on top.

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My thoughts:

I received this review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not influence my opinion.

Well, I thought this was going to be better than the second book because of its plot piquing my interest, but this book suddenly went downhill. New characters were introduced to us on the second book which I became excited about. Although, the reputation of this series isn’t really as bad as it seems.

This third installment is about Chewy Noh being chased down by Death. Ever since some demon has tampered with his philtrum, his presence is now detectable by Death himself. Even so, being discovered that you’re hiding from death means that you are going to be taken to die.

I only had two problems while reading this book. It felt plain and it felt like nothing was really happening. Unlike the second book, it was action-packed as I thought it would be. However, I love how the world was intricately elaborated more in this book. How they can travel from one place to another by performing incantations from one door to another.

My other problem is the overloaded number of perspectives or point of views in this book. There are a lot of chapters with different viewpoints from different characters that kind-of make me confused about what’s really happening. Nevertheless, some chapters talk about the past in which it helps give background to what is happening in the present times. This still makes me not really like the book as a whole.

I really enjoyed reading this series– plot-wise. On the other hand, the series may be befitting to the younger audience because some parts felt bland and dull to me. As the series continue on, the problems that Chewy encounter and face get more complicated. Seriously, give him a chance to breathe and relax.

In spite of the disappointment it has shown, I still recommend it to everyone to read this middle-grade series because of its amazing story about Korean mythology and its story to tell about bullying.

3 swords3 swords for the brilliant Chewy Noh series!

About the author:

tim learnTim Learn has always loved books. While younger, he reads voraciously the classics and experimental forms of narrative. But, more recently, he’s backtracked and started enjoying authors like Gaimen, Sachar, and Clement. His writing tends to tackle issues of spirituality, paradigms, and the way we think. His love for reading and writing has only expanded by becoming an English teacher in Korea.

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