[Stacking the Shelves] Unbelievable March Book Haul!

My favorite feature in my blog? Definitely Stacking the Shelves! I love showcasing the books I hauled monthly, and in this case, I hauled 24 books last month. I know, I won’t probably get into them quickly because I read slower than a turtle. It’s totally okay that I got a lot of books last month, right? Because it’s my birth month? Can you at least let me slip for now?

Showing you a picture of my book haul because you deserve it, but do you? I’ll let you drool for a moment. This is my biggest book haul in my whole entire life, and I’m proud of myself that I only bought 5 books out of this pile.

march book haul.jpg

Books I bought and given to me:

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I’m most excited to read The Raven Cycle because it’s our book of the month of our book club. If you’re interested to join us, you can find our club here: The Book Boys. We’re only reading The Raven Boys for the club, but if you want to finish the series, re-read the series, or start reading the series, you’re all welcome.

I got Passenger because I’ve been wanting to acquire it since forever, but I’ve been bombarded with a lot of mixed reviews so I’m putting it off. Also, I got Invisibility because it was like four dollars. Lastly, I received Auggie & Me as a birthday gift from my friend.

Books I got from publishers and giveaways (Penguin Random House, Harper Collins and National Book Store):

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I received Tell Me Three Things and Green Island from Penguin Random House. I tell you, Tell Me Three Things was AMAZING!!! I haven’t posted my review yet because as stated at the blog tour schedule, I’ll post my review on April 25. This book already came out, so you can buy it online or at your nearest book stores.

The other books, too lazy to state them all, are the books by Harper Collins, be it imprint or not. I received some from Harper Collins and some from giveaways I’ve won hosted by our local book store. Can’t wait to read them all! They’re all ARCs by the way.

Books I received from authors:

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All of these books were sent to me by authors and I already have read them all. I’m going to post my reviews of them soon. They were sent to me a long time ago, but I just received them this month. I really love reading books by indie authors. Keep ’em coming!

So here I am trying to attempt to carry all the books I’ve hauled last month. Success or failure? This is how you do a book haul, guys. You have to carry them. Comprende? I don’t actually know Spanish, but I know that. So pardon me, and don’t reply in this post with a lot of Spanish words, I’ll probably drown.

march book haul.jpg

How many books did you haul last month? Comment below and let’s talk about it.




16 thoughts on “[Stacking the Shelves] Unbelievable March Book Haul!

  1. I was actually very good, I needed to take a break from constantly buying/receiving books, and I managed to only buy ONE! April doesn’t look so good. We’re only a week in and I already have 6…
    I’m also currently reading Passenger by Alexandra Bracken and am LOVING it!!! 😀


  2. So many books! I bought only two last month, andI received two more for reviews.
    But seriously, my goal is to get where you are and receive so many books because my mom is not going to spend a lot on buying. Great book haul!


  3. Wow super haul Justine!
    I started the Raven Boys a few days ago but I’m still only on page 90, darn my essays getting in the way of my reading haha!
    I really want to try Passenger too but like you I’ve heard mixed reviews so I don’t know whether to give it a try or not. I will probably hold off until your review to see how you like it 🙂


  4. *weeps at the beauty* Out of your haul, I only own Passenger but I just checked out The Raven Boys from the library! I’m looking forward to reading GATU, Ivory and Bone, and Tell Me Three Things! I hope you enjoy all of them 🙂


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