Summer = Books

This summer, I have read tons of books. Good thing that the evil reading slump hasn’t hit me yet, but I won’t jinx it. Please don’t ever come near me. Shoo. Well, to be honest, I had mini reading slumps, but thinking that I have over a hundred books on my TBR, I should just keep on reading until it runs out.

Let me tell you a story for now. Last summer, I read, I think, 20+ books, and my TBR has quickly lessened. Finally, something hit me. Abibliophobia. I don’t know if that’s a real term, but I already saw it on the Internet. It doesn’t mean that I believe everything on the Internet, however this one is completely true to me. That phobia means that you have a fear of running out of books to read. That’s why I want to intentionally be in a reading slump before. That didn’t happen because I love reading books so much.

Apparently, I am now overwhelmed. My TBR last year was like 70+ or 80+ something. Now it’s 143. Such an astounding and intimidating number, but I challenge myself to at least turn it into 100 or something. What do you think? Right? It won’t probably happen due to the fact that I haul a lot of books every month. Not really a lot every month, but I haul some. It’s no secret that my TBR increases by the minute I go to a book store.

It’s really impossible to get it to 100 this year. Maybe next year? Next next year? Next next next year? Next decade? Next century? Next millennium? Before I die? Maybe. Nevertheless, I always get distracted this summer. Video games. TV shows. Movies. I want to read so much, but I live in the SCORCHING country, Philippines where you get fried and roasted alive while standing under the sun in a few seconds. True story. This heat bothers me so much that I just don’t want to read while I’m sweating real bad.

I hate summer. But I love reading time. Reading definitely weighs more than heat. So, I’ll just turn on the air-conditioning unit for now so I can read.

What distracts you from reading? Comment below and let’s talk about it.



18 thoughts on “Summer = Books

  1. I never have that fear of running out. I mark one book read and I mark a few more to-read. It’s an evergrowing pile which makes me feel intimidated. Most times, I just end up picking random books to read than from my TBR. *sigh*

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    1. Ah! I have that fear because that means I almost finished all the books I own. And I don’t want to spend a lot of money again to buy more books unless really needed. Book buying ban is seriously needed to keep the TBR from increasing. Good luck though on your TBR pile. 🙂

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  2. I don’t fear ever running out of books, because a) I have over 200 books on my TBR and b) Goodreads seems determined to be always recommending books that I’m 99% sure I’ll ADORE. I try and read during the summer, but honestly, I usually end up in front of the TV, catching up on all the movies and shows I was unable to watch during the school year, due to an un slightly amount of homework. I guess my goal for the summer is to FINALLY finish The Wheel of Time series.


  3. I usually am either in a reading slump, binge watching a show, writing, or spend way too much time on the Internet. But the good thing is I sometimes can get some reading done. But my tbr is way too big!!


  4. It’s funny, my GoodReads TBR is so long, but I don’t actually use that as my official TBR. I keep one in my journal and update it as I finish books. I also try to do only a one or two month TBR list so that helps keep me calm about the number of books I *have* to read. And summer used to be the only time I’d read, but this past year has been crazy with the number of books I’ve read. Sometimes I wish I was in a slump so I do something other than read.


    1. ME TOO! My TBR is just the books I own. I don’t really use the Goodreads TBR, but apparently, a lot of people do use it. Haha! I wish I can do something else other than read, but books are the only thing I end up with.


  5. Maybe it’s because I own so many ebooks, I never have that fear of running out of books to read. I also have great self-control so I rarely ever buy too many books at the same time.


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