[Top Ten Tuesday] Bookworm/Bookish Delights

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Top Ten Tuesday, and finally, I have stopped being lazy or I’m still lazy. Since I love the feature today, I would love to let you know what I really love as a bookworm, and if so, you can share what delights you as a bookworm. Let’s get this party started, shall we?


This is what drives me to buy a book. The cover has to captivate my eyes, even though I have no idea what the book is about. You, book, are going to be checked out of the cashier instantly. No second thoughts. Unless if I didn’t bring money which will be a sad, sad day for me. I’ll ask for my mother’s money anyway.

thanks mom.gif

2. Naked hardcover arts

I love the feeling when I go to a book store, undress a hardcover, and see a beautiful art. There are lot of kinds of art that could portray to this, be it an engraving or a printed art. Aside from picking a book from the book store with a gorgeous cover, I immediately and sneakily undress a book, and if it is beautiful inside and out, definitely BOUGHT again. But this one doesn’t apply always. *winks*


3. Matching covers, spines and format

Everything has to match for me. It bothers me so much that I don’t want to see a series together if they don’t match perfectly. The perfectionist in me will yell and yell until I get the book out of my sight. I mean, it’s fine. NOT REALLY FINE. Publishers seriously have to sell a book series with matching covers, spines and paperback/hardcover format.


4. Reading a book in one day

I mean it’s impossible for me to read a book in one sitting because I get distracted all the time. So it’s reading a book in a day. I rarely finish a book in a day, so when I do, I’m really happy. It’s one of the joyous moments being a bookworm, and I know you know it.


5. Going to a book store

Undeniably, we can’t pass a day when we don’t go to a book store while our family or friends are shopping. They’re probably shopping for clothes, and we’re probably shopping for books. Right?



6. Getting new bookshelves

It hasn’t happened to me yet, but I keep telling my mom to buy me book shelves because I’m already stacking my books, and my current shelves that aren’t really for books are going to explode. Getting new shelves will definitely make me a happy bookworm, and that just means that you always haul a lot of books. Guilty pleasure.

happy dance 2

7. Getting out of the reading slump

There are a lot of times when I fall in this evil reading slump when I just want to read but can’t. Let’s just be grateful when our reading slump lasts for a short time. I had a month long reading slump, and it just freaking sucks. All the books I’m trying to read is disgustingly forced. I can’t even like the book because of the reading slump.


8. Receiving book mails 

Okay, not gonna lie, book mails are one of the best things ever when I became a blogger. I love the feeling when book packages arrive at my freaking doorstep, but I don’t really have a doorstep so the books get delivered to my floor. The other thing is when you buy online and you wait for like a gazillion years, then when it comes, you’re like an animal, wanting to break the box open using your hands. Well, that’s me… kind-of.

no way.gif


9. Attending book signings

Ever since I started going to book signing events, I got obsessed. Our local book store keeps on bringing authors, and meeting an author is such a great experience. I’ve received a lot of comments saying that I’m so lucky that I get to meet a lot of authors that they have read. Thanking my book store right now. I’m like a paparazzi every time I go to these kinds of events.



The most important things to us bookworms is the book as it is. We may be happy with getting a lot of books, but it always comes down to how good it is because when we hate the book, obviously, our money won’t be worth it. For all we know, all we want is a really, really good book to complete our day.


How about your bookworm delights? Comment below and let’s talk about it.



26 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] Bookworm/Bookish Delights

  1. Reading a book in a day is not an easy feat for me. Like you, I get distracted plus if a book is emotionally intense I need a breather to compose myself haha. However, on those rare occasions that I have successfully read a book in a day I do feel like I deserve a celebratory treat haha.
    Book mail is also the ultimate pick me up. I always get a thrill opening up the parcels. 😀


    1. Right, it’s not an easy feat, but definitely trying my best to read a book in a day. Just yesterday, I finished a book for like 2 hours and I was so genuinely happy. You can only read a book fast if it’s really an amazing book. Well for me.

      Book mails always make me giddy before I open them. :))

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Al of this is sheer perfection ❤ I am an extreme cover luster myself, so seeing gorgeous covers – both book jackets and without – is one of my favorite things about books. NOT TO MENTION THE BOOKS WITH WAXY, SMOOTH COVERS…ugh.. I love those.

    Wonderful post ❤


  3. I totally agree (with pretty much everything, actually)! I hate it when there’s a series that doesn’t match up in covers. And if the cover looks weird – forget about it. I usually end up putting it down because the cover throws me off.


      1. I know! There’s this book series called Thirst (vampire book – I haven’t read it) and the covers don’t match up AT ALL. Seriously – it was like no one considered what they would look like together.


  4. Yes to all these things and corresponding gifs! I haven’t seen or owned too many naked hardcovers, but I do have Fantastic Beasts and collector’s edition of HP and *heart eyes*. It’s always awesome coming by an amazing cover, too! Sometimes I impulse buy and buy books just bc of the cover ;).


  5. That mind-blown gift is so fun but good!
    Agree with you in everything but I haven’t ever gone to a book signing. I want to but hasn’t happened yet 🙂


  6. Attending book signings and book festivals are an awesome feeling. Especially when you meet new authors and buy lots of books you’re never heard of before 💖


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