Books I Badly Want to Buy This May

I love doing this monthly feature aside from Stacking the Shelves because I get to showcase all the new releases and what I’m really anticipating that month.And this May, there are a lot of new releases that I’m REALLY, REALLY, REALLY DYING TO READ. If only my money multiplies by the minute, I would’ve bought all of them, but no. There are a lot of May releases that I already own (e.g. The Square Root of Summer, Ruined), so I’m not going to include them here as much as I want to.

And now, I’m opening up a Bookwormaniac Book Charity. Donate a book, save a life. (I wish)

Here are the May releases I’m dying to buy:

1. The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye

the crown's game

I’m going to reveal the truth. I mentioned this book a lot of times already on my Twitter and on my blog, and I can’t stop thinking about how good the plot sounded that it made me want to request for an ARC for this but didn’t get one. I’m not mad because I’m going to buy this one one way or another. For the past months, I’ve been eagerly waiting for this book to come, and THIS MONTH HAS FINALLY COME. HALLELUJAH!

I mean, come on, check the summary here on Goodreads. I hope this will be a magical read!

2. A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

a court of mist and fury

A Court of Thorns and Roses is my very first Sarah J. Maas book, and I adored it! It is no secret then that I will buy this book. I’m just scared because it’s another hefty book unless it’s worth it. I think Sarah J. Maas is an auto-buy author for me? Maybe. I love her so much. I didn’t get a chance to meet her before when she cam here.

3. The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

the unexpected everything

Okay, here it is. MORGAN MATSON’S NEW BOOK! I only read Since You’ve Been Gone, and it’s one of my favorites last year. I just simply adored it. The cover, the dust jacket, the book itself. Ahhh! It definitely gives you the summer feels. And this one looks like another of it. I can see ice cream again. Morgan Matson is an amazing author and you guys should check her books out.

4. Highly Illogical Behavior by John Corey Whaley

highly illogical behavior

I have never read any John Corey Whaley book even Noggin, but this cover completely sold me. I’m a sucker for anything colorful. THE HYPE FOR THIS BOOK IS REAL. The summary itself sounds good too because it covers mental illness, and I adored every book I read about that. Thus, I know I’m going to enjoy this one too because everyone seems to love it.

Other books I might consider buying this month:

What are your anticipated releases this month? Comment below and let’s talk about it.



16 thoughts on “Books I Badly Want to Buy This May

  1. A Court of Mist and Fury is a hefty read- 626 pages, but it is so worth it! if you are buying the hardback- GO TO TARGET! There is an exclusive extra story at the end that you should definitely read between chapters 38/39. I would maybe wait until The Crown goes on sale… I bought the ebook, which was a hefty price… but I don’t think it was worth $11.99 from amazon.


    1. I wish I could buy ACOMAF from Target, but I’m not from US. I don’t know if I’ll buy The Crown too because I haven’t read The Selection series, but I have them all. I only read The Siren by her. 🙂


  2. I actually have Crown’s Game on order at my library and I’m sooo freaking excited to read it!!! I totally agree with you that the plot looks AMAZING. I’m also loving the diversity in YA novels now, and I’m excited to read this Russian-based/inspired novel.

    Also, ACOMAF. I need to read that pronto! There are so many books to read this month!!


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