[Atelier Article Unboxing] Of Bookends And Bookmarks

aaJust yesterday, I received a package from Ukraine. It’s bookish merchandise for your information. One of the promoters of this company asked me if I would like to pick a pair of bookends and some other stuff. Of course, why would I deny this wonderful opportunity? So for this post, I will show you the beautiful eye-candies.

I never had bookends before, so I’m so excited to receive this pair because it’s so pretty for my eyes. I hope it will be for yours too.


Things in the package:

  • A pair of London Bridge bookends.


Don’t they look beautiful? Can we say that the company is amazing? This is not the only pair that looks beautiful. There are lot of bookends to choose, and seriously, I couldn’t even choose one. However, I ended up with this one. (lol)


The pair of bookends with the books set in London makes this cooler. My personal favorites out of these books is definitely Harry Potter and The Bone Season. They’re amazing. But why are we talking about those, let’s talk about how those bookends compliment the books. I have to take more pictures with it. Stay tuned.

  • Four bookmarks 


Look at these beautifully-packaged bookmarks. The bookmarks: Chic eyeglasses, Darth Vader, Rifle gun, and Instagram logo. I love how the company package these bookmarks… because they are tied on the wood. For Pete’s sake, who does that? I love the creativity of this company. Definitely recommend to bookmark lovers!


Look how every block of wood has an etched stamp saying, “Reading is good for you.” Would I throw these away even though I have a bookmark holder? No! No! NO!!! Even though I have a holder, I would still keep these bookmarks where they are originally from. I really commend the company for being so unique. The variety of bookmarks in their store made me cry because I want them all. *cries*


Okay, again, look at how cool they are inside the book. Have I at least made you want to buy these? Yes?



If you seriously don’t buy anything from this amazing store, then what are you doing? No seriously, it’s one of the most unique store that sells these amazing stuff. I’ll be linking their website and other social media you may want to check out.

So there you have my book mail unboxing. It was fun tearing all the papers and tapes while opening this package.


Go search some good stuff in their store:
Website: http://atelierarticle.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/articleua
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/designatelierarticle/

And take some amazing pictures when you finally buy tons.

Do you like bookends and bookmarks? If so, what’s your most treasured bookends/bookmarks? Comment below and let’s talk about it.





40 thoughts on “[Atelier Article Unboxing] Of Bookends And Bookmarks

  1. You definitely made me wanna check out the site and order some bookmarks. It’s pretty cool that you were able to receive them in such a creative way, but doesn’t wood add more weight to the shipping? Were you able to get free shipping?

    Also I checked out the site and wanted some more information on the shipping policy. Turns out some of the links on the site is broken. If it wasn’t for your blog, I would find the website to be a little sketchy. Actually, despite your blog the broken links on their website is pretty sketchy. That’s a shame because I really like their whale bookmarks.

    I once ordered a sweater from Assassin Sweaters and they had broken links in certain places like shipping policies as well. I ended up getting a huge headache with that order. Haha that’s the reason for my distrust.

    How’s the support at Atelier Article?


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